A Remarkable Sports Trilogy

“8”, “Dopey Bastid”, and “Framily (Friends Considered Family)” recount the tales of three lifelong friends Joey, Bob, & Lou. The trilogy begins in 1957 Queens New York with the book “8”. The three amigos discuss their baseball idols (Willie Mays, Mickey Mante, and Duke Snider) as part of their 8th grade book report. Their story continues with “Dopey Bastid” only this time the three friends are in their 30’s reflecting on dumb decisions made by players, managers, owners and sportswriters. The trilogy concludes with “Framily”, as our main characters enter parenthood. The trilogy is best classified as a historical sports fiction saga. Author Lou Saulino will have you entertained as he incorporates friendship, humor & life lessons with sports!


Additional Trilogy Insights!


Framily (friends considered family), is the third and final episode about the three friends since childhood, Joey Kowalski, Bob Murphy and Lou Marciano.

  • Recalling the special sports moments Saulino brilliantly describes in Framily was a joy. Reminiscing the stories, stars, and situations was not only great fun, but it also reminded me of the person I was then and tied that person to who I am now.

    - Joe Carriero, author of How to Hit Slow Pitch Softball
  • The sports discussions are authentic and entertaining. Too bad Saulio is a NY Giants fan.

    - Marty Lyons, Former NY Jets defensive tackle and Executive at Landtek (sports turf design and construction specialists)
  • “The power of friendship is worth going to bat for.

    - Geoffrey Berwind, Professional Storytelling Consultant and Trainer

Dopey Bastid

The sequel, Dopey Bastid, received excellent reviews

  • Saulino can write good dialogue and create believable settings….. Readers will look forward to more adventures about the friends.

    - Clarion
  • Many of the interactions are genuinely amusing and evocative of New York in that time period, and the author’s perspective on legendary sports figures is engaging.

    - Blueink
  • Saulino is a talented story teller, and the way he mixes nostalgic sports stories with those of the group of friends is smart and inventive.

    - Kirkus

“8” Center Field in New York

Author Lou Saulino’s trilogy of books about historical sport personalities and events as told through the eyes of three best friends began with “8” Center Field in New York, 1951 – 1957

  • What an amazing time to be alive as a baseball fan in New York.

    - Pat McMahon, Phoenix KAZTV host of the Morning Scramble
  • Enjoyed it and gave it the highest compliment, I passed it on.

    - Bill Lyon, noted sportswriter, Philadelphia inquirer

About the Author

Lou Saulino is the Founder and President of Lou Creative Inc.

Lou is an Amazon published Author! In 2011 he started writing about sports and his life experiences with “Athlete For Hire”. Today he has published 5 books! (Athlete For Hire, “8”, Dopey Bastid, Framily, and Bless Me Father).

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